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 Rules for this Forum

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The GODerator
The GODerator

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PostSubject: Rules for this Forum   Rules for this Forum Icon_minitimeMon Dec 04, 2006 6:57 am

Hello Kids.

The purpose of the original thread seemed to have disappear amidst all that randomness. So yes, I'm making a new one.

Welcome to Fish are Friends NOT Food!, moderated by the one and only, yours truly. Iím usually laid-back, but before you do something to send me ranting or pissed off, PLEASE READ THE RULES!

You donít want to face the consequences. Believe me. And the rules are pretty simple too. Common sense?

~ If you bash, Iíll bash your warning level. Enough said?
~We do not tolerate bashing in any form. Keep this forum civil and friendly, okay? Smile

2) No posting inappropriate pictures!
Please keep pictures rated PG. No pornography. AT ALL. Iím not going to resort to warnings if it comes to that. Itís immediate EXPULSION, okay?

3) Refrain from cussing, please.
Itís not that bad of an offense, but to others it might be. So letís respect others, okay? Donít make it a habit. Weíre supposed to welcome members, not scare them off.

4) Do not BUMP!
To keep the board more organized, please refrain from bumping threads more than 2 weeks old. There are exceptions though, but those apply only to moderators and administrators.

5) When introducing yourself, make a new thread!
It detracts from messiness and confusion.

6) Somehow label your post such as [Intro] or [Pics]. Itís not that difficult. Use it.

7) Make Friends!

Cool Have a good time!

The rules are pretty simple so try not to break any of them. If you have any questions, feel free to ask or PM me. The Questions forum is also available. ^_^

So go out there and make friends, my children. (^_^) Post pictures and whatnot. Donít do anything bad though.

Your Goderator,

<3 Tammy,
Homicidal Glare. (emphasis on homicidal if you break major rules) / Tamminator
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PostSubject: Re: Rules for this Forum   Rules for this Forum Icon_minitimeTue Dec 05, 2006 1:14 am

read and understood, my entity. <3 Rules for this Forum 2
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Rules for this Forum
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