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 A special Surprise : Rules

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A special Surprise : Rules Empty
PostSubject: A special Surprise : Rules   A special Surprise : Rules Icon_minitimeMon Dec 04, 2006 8:23 am

I'm really laid back so guys have fun, but i do have my limitations. Talk or ask questions about almost anything you want from school to problems, this what this forum is for. But i will see how things go. These are your temporary rules.

Basically guys, I'm not that strict but please guys

stay on topic. if i see anything off topic i will nicely tell you and i will delete it or move it ( but it mostly not likely) .

Don't bump threads older than two weeks of inactivity or i'll have to lock it .

Do not Spam if you like to spam, your conversation belong in House of Spam, Fired Rice and goldfish <3 yummy

No cussing, bashing, etc.

No r-rated Please guys,i absolutely abhor anything that has to with sex. and please no threats or violence.

and Steph's Golden rules apply
Steph's Golden Rule <3 Click Here

Questions just ask me, i don't bite.[
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A special Surprise : Rules
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